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Does Fish Oil Lower Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is used for making hormones, cellular membranes and other important things. The fish oil consists of the essential omega-3 fatty acids that include EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are considered as the heart friendly fats as they are able to reduce the risk of the heart diseases. If you question does fish oil lower cholesterol then answer would be yes. Researches have shown the omega acids were able to improve the lipid profile that would prevent the heart disease.

The dosage of the fish oil ranges according to the patients disease condition. Doctors prescribed their patient to eat high amount of fish that is good for their health. But, you never try to exceed the amount as this may cause harmful effect to your health. The cholesterols are transported through blood in form of lipoproteins as the fat doesn’t mix with the bloodstream. The lipoproteins that consist of high density of proteins are referred to as the good cholesterol.

The fish oil containing the EPA and DHA are good for heart. The dose of the fish oil that is normally given to a patient is around two to four grams. It works effectively in given healthy diet to the patient which is important for good heath. The main role played by the fish oil is that it thins the blood that prevents the blood clotting. The heart strokes are caused when the blood gets thick and clots are found.

Several health problems are caused due to the clotting of blood. Hence, fatty oil has become an essential supplement that helps in reducing the heart and other health problems. It has a good affect on the blood pressure. This is so as it helps in relaxing the smooth muscles of heart. This would considerably helps in reducing the blood pressure.

This could be easily noticed in the clinical test. The HDL are considered as the good cholesterol due to the high density, hence they carry the LDL which are bad cholesterol to be taken to the liver for easier disposal. The increase in the HDL would lower down the LDL.

An omega-3 fatty acid is good source to reduce the fats from blood. It is found in sea food and olive oil. This helps in increasing the HDL levels that is good for treating the severe health problems. One who worries of does fish oil lower cholesterol should note down that the fish oil consumed should be in a limited amount. Exceeding its amount would lead to other health problems. Always consume it with your diet that would make it healthy. To get good result one needs to consume it in their daily routine therefore you need to choose a good brand supplement products. Consult doctor about the right dose and period for consuming the fish oil. Some fish oil helps in reducing cholesterol compare to others. Those that have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids have good affect on a patient body.

Those people who still doubt that does fish oil lower cholesterol will be happy in knowing that it is used treat severe health problems. It is important to consume quality fish oil supplements. There is a need of finding a fresh product that would reduce your cholesterol which is not so easy. Some people after knowing the benefits of the omega-3 supplements rush to the medical shop for buying it. Ever after buying and consuming it for some period of time would not show any effect on your health. This is because the quality highly matters and it is important to ask the doctor of the right dosage because taking out any step. By trying of finding a health product may spoil your health and take you away from enjoying its health benefits. After long researches scientists have found the fish oil as a good product that helps in treating several health problems.

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