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Comprehensive guide on all fish oils like cod liver oil, salmon oil and krill oil. Actual product reviews, benefits, advantages and side effects, everything you want know in one place! If you ever think about what does fish oil or omega 3/6/9 do or is fish oil good for you and why you should take it to improve your health, you are welcome here!

Enrich Your Health By Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Gone are the days when you have to deal with harsh smelling oil to give yourself an experience of cod liver oil benefits. Now you can have the capsules that have neither odor nor taste, and they are also reasonable. Cod liver oil act as a well known resource of vitamin D and a fatty acid called omega-3 that helps in increasing immunity to fight diseases. They are also known for reducing the signs of aging and keeps heart healthy. They also found success in treatment of depression and it also helps in increasing the memory. There are many benefits of the cod liver oil which deals with the related diseases. It is also found that they are helpful in healing process after a surgery.

Fish oil are also very helpful for fighting the heart diseases and oils from other fishes such as salmon & tuna etc are found to be beneficial for improving bones and eyesight. It is also beneficial to women in after menopause conditions and it is good defensive measure for children’s to fight against diseases. It is suitable for any age.

From the recent researches it was known that cod liver oil can be used as an anti inflammatory and could be used by arthritis patients as a medicine. Test on patients have shown positive. All these patients were dependent on anti- inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen most of them have shown positive signs. Those who are facing the problem of insulin resistance will find oil of nutriment fish useful in fight against the disease.

There are many type of illnesses that are associated with insulin resistance such as heart diseases, various cancers etc. These are termed as metabolic syndrome. These diseases are primarily due to bad eating habits. According to leading researchers these diseases are due to consumption of junk food that doesn’t contain any good fats. Omega 6 which is not a healthy fatty acid is found in the typical American food. They have low contents of omega 3 because of consumption of poultry chicken eggs and a beef which is not of grass eating animals. This low amount of omega 3 and high amount of omega 6 is not the best combination for anyone’s health and it is the reason of various diseases.

Consuming a diet that has less junk food and high in vitamins and good fatty acid can help you to lose some weight, eating fish thrice a week and a source of cod liver oil such as capsules is going to help your cause. In early 1900 it was advised by doctors that apart from necessary vaccinations small children should consume cod liver oil on regular basis as that will help in building the immune system that will help them fight off diseases. Though vaccines were essential but a better immune system will make them resistant against disease such as common cold. Fatty acids that are present in cod liver oil is very good for a proper growth of nervous system in small children.

According to some doctors cod liver oil benefits was considered effective in treatment of depression patients were it was used instead of medicine. It certainly is a memory booster, a stress reliever and reduces the problem of allergies. Vitamin D another rich vitamin from cod liver oil strengthen bones and it is also helpful for depression patients and it also reduces pain associated with muscles such as pains in leg and omega 3 along vitamin helps in healing the inflamed joints. Due to presence of vitamin A it heals the damage done by the diabetes to eyes.

If anyone wants to lose weight fish oil is the best supplement as not only it will help you lose weight but also provides various health benefits so better start adding cod liver oil to your meal. Quantity of fish that has to be eaten for getting the benefits of cod liver oil varies depending upon the purpose of eating some experts will recommended 2 fishes some will refer more and some will less . As an example people suffering from heart diseases will be advised to eat fish on daily basis.

Fatty acids constitute about that 20 percent of brain that are of omega 3 kind. So we can only imagine how omega 3 deficiency will affect the brain. Researchers have show due to deficiency of omega 3 people have suffered from disorders like depression. Content of bad fats in fish oil is very less as compared to the fish flesh, high concentration of omega 3is also found in the oil as compared to other parts. Studies indicate that people who are eating fish on continuous basis have less chances of getting into depression.

There are many rich constituents in fish oil such as docosahexanoique acid which is very essential to our body and eicosapentanoique acid. Both these acids are part of cell membrane which helps us fighting against external intrusions. Apart from all they also help in increasing the growth of prostaglandins which is a hormonal substance which is responsible for many important body functions such as beating of heart, fertility, and maintaining blood pressure. Taste of the cod liver is horrible but with all its benefits it is hard to ignore and we also have cod liver oil capsules so no need to worry about its taste.

According to a survey amongst residents of Norway, people who were not consuming fish have more than 30 percent more chances of getting into depression as compared to those who are consuming fish. Many studies are being conducted to test the effect of cod liver oil and omega 3 on depression patients and teenagers. Brain cells renovate themselves from the food we eat that’s why it is highly advisable to eat food that contains fatty acids especially the omega 3 as most of our brain is made up of fatty acids. Test conducted on rats shown that omega 3 deficient rats were restless, fright and were having little joy. There are many cod liver oil benefit so it is ideal to add it to our meal.

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