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Comprehensive guide on all fish oils like cod liver oil, salmon oil and krill oil. Actual product reviews, benefits, advantages and side effects, everything you want know in one place! If you ever think about what does fish oil or omega 3/6/9 do or is fish oil good for you and why you should take it to improve your health, you are welcome here!

Is Fish Oil Good For You?

When a question is asked ‘is fish oil is good for you’? The answer is the fish oil is really one of most proven and beneficial supplement which you can have. Fish oil is good for us as it is a good natural source of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA. Omega three fatty acids are very essential to diet. A crucial role is played by fatty acids in different bodily functions. If you are not having two or three servings of a fatty fish per week, you are not having enough DHA or EPA which is necessary for the optimal health.

In most cases fish oil is good for you. By increasing intake of the omega three fatty acid which is found in the fish oil you may reduce risk of having cardiovascular disease. Having a recommended dose of fish oil may make you to feel better and may decrease chance of getting heart attack. Some studies said that fish oil may reduce clotting and blood pressure, which are two main risk factors of heart disease. American Heart Association stated that the fish oil is really beneficial for the people having healthy heart and also for people who have cardiovascular disease.

Fish oil is thought for helping joint pain, inflamed bowels and rheumatoid arthritis. Severe side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines may occur sometimes but fish oil is safer and gives same results often. Fish oil is even thought for helping in reducing childhood asthma risk as respiratory airways are stopped from getting inflamed by them.

It is claimed that fish oil can help in preventing diabetes complications and breast cancer. An omega 3 fat which is present in the fish oil helps in thinning blood and allows more saturated fats for passing through arteries.

Fish oil is good for you for overall health. Omega 3 fats present in fish oil can be good for skin as they help in maintaining its smoothness and elasticity. The effects of using moisturizer are almost same to the effects of using fish oil capsules. Fish oil is thought to protect the skin from harmful rays of sun which may cause cancer of skin. In adults fish oil improves recall, focus, reasoning and memory.

Nursing mothers and pregnant women may have great impact for happiness and intelligence of babies by having fish oil supplement. Research has showed that the fish oil or omega 3 fats may have good effects on many cognitive diseases like anxiety, ADHD and depression. Other research showed that the fish oil may have positive impact on the insulin sensitivity.

For some kind of people taking more fish oil supplement may not be good. ‘Is fish oil good for you’? The answer is no for people suffering from the cancer. Evidences are there which show that increase in fish oil intake may produce preventative effects against some cancers. The study suggests that a person who is suffering from the cancer and as a result is undergoing the chemotherapy is not advised for taking fish oil. Study done at University Medical Centre (Utrecht, Holland) has a conclusion that having fish oils supplement may help in reducing effectiveness of the chemotherapy.

Having the fish oil for long time can have side effects. Fish oil can cause the digestive distress. Fish oil will give fishy taste in your mouth. The fish oils can interfere with blood sugar levels in diabetics and can increase the cholesterol level. If you are having any drug for lowering blood pressure or having blood thinning drug before starting fish oil you should have a talk with doctor. Overall fish oil is good for you.

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