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Learn About Fish Oil Consumption During Pregnancy

The fish oil has gained lot of popularity worldwide due to its use of decreasing the excess body fats. Doctors prescribed it to be taken by the people suffering from various health diseases. Researches have been carried on for finding affects of fish oil during pregnancy. Those mothers who are taking fish oil during pregnancy showed good sign but the research continues and is under observation.

Some people scared of eating fish during pregnancy but according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a pregnant women could consume 8 ounces to 12 ounces in a week which is safe. Exceeding the amount could lead to risk, hence one should take care of eating right amount of fish which would supply essential nutrients to their body.

As the fish oil can consists of the heavy metal contamination therefore the pregnant ladies are advised to consume the fish that have lower contamination rate. These are generally found in crab, salmon, tilapia, catfish, cod and shrimp. These sea foods would be healthy for the gestating women. The fishes that are to be avoided during pregnancy are albacore tuna, shellfish and large predatory fish.

Always buy fish from a person who is well known about them. Some people catch fish for eating but make sure that it should not be from polluting area. While eating fish during pregnancy needs to be cooked well. For the development of fetus it is important to have omega-3 fatty acids in the early period of pregnancy.

This is because human body could not make it hence to supply it in body; doctors prescribed eating the supplements containing the omega-3 fatty acids. The pregnant mother needs more omega-3 as it used for developing nervous system of the baby. It is also important for making the breast milk in mothers.

By knowing about the various advantages of fish oil, researches have been carried out for finding out the other health benefits. It is important that dose during fish oil pregnancy should be carefully given and if you are given by own then it is important to consult a physician that would prescribe right dose for mother and children. The growth and ability of the child depends upon how mother feeds him during early stages.

Doctors consider the fish oil as a rich source that helps in given required nutrients to the mothers and baby. There is a need for given the right supplement to both the mother and baby that would make them healthy. As fish oil have many benefits but if it is given more than the normal amount then it possess risk to the health of both mother and baby. Hence, it is needed to be monitored carefully about the dose of fish oil supplements to be given.

Consume fish oil during pregnancy is one of the factors to be concerned for proper nutrition. Whatever a mother eats, fetus also gets. Hence, it is important that the mother takes right diet that would help in proper growth of the baby. As the medicine, food and supplements have to be given daily, pregnant women have be little more concerned. Fish oil is good or not always remains a hot topic. Hence, researches have been carried out for finding out how effective omega-3 is? Doctors have found it showing good results but if taken in a right amount.

Scientists have been researching more for finding new information of the fish oil. Consuming fish oil prevents the complications during delivery and pre-term labor. Overdose of it may result in increasing the gestational weight and birth weight which is not good. Hence, always took right medical supervision for a pregnant mother diet.

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