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Comprehensive guide on all fish oils like cod liver oil, salmon oil and krill oil. Actual product reviews, benefits, advantages and side effects, everything you want know in one place! If you ever think about what does fish oil or omega 3/6/9 do or is fish oil good for you and why you should take it to improve your health, you are welcome here!

Science Proven Fish Oil Benefits

There has been too much research on the usage of fish oil and its benefits. It is a proven fact that there are numerous fish oil benefits, but some of them are quite surprising. The benefits are never ending and every day, the doctors and researchers are coming up with new benefits of fish oil. What makes it so healthy and beneficial; the researchers are going on and on. The main components of fish oil i.e. Omega-3 Fatty acids comes under the ‘Good Fats category’.

These good fats are vital component for our body, but human body is not able to synthesize them. It has to be taken from an outside source, and fish oil is a very good source of it. Let’s check out how this component creates miracle for human body and what it does for us:

Gives a healthy and problem free heart
The researches and science has proven fish oil benefits and its credibility is growing continuously. As stated by the ‘American heart Association’, fish oil is helpful in preventing the chances of heart disease. High B.P and high blood cholesterol are becoming common problems of every second person and fish oil containing omega-3 have considerably reduced the chances of strokes, heart attacks and even death dues to either of these. Triglycerides which give rise to abnormal heartbeats are also corrected by Omega-3. It also prevents the formation of blood clots and plaque which tend to block the arteries thus preventing atherosclerosis.

Reduces joints’ pain and inflammation leaving healthy joints
Omega-3 can prove to be very useful for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis by reducing pain, tenderness and morning stiffness in their joints. Studies and researches suggest that omega-3 rich food items also helps in correcting many other inflammatory problems, especially those terms which end with ‘itis’. Omega-3 decreases the activities of enzymes which are responsible for deteriorating the bones and cartilages, thus ensuring healthier joints. It also successfully treats the back, neck and menstrual pains. The patients who are NSAID drug addicted will reduce their intake of the drug if they consume Omega-3.

Improves Concentration and prolonged cognitive functions
The ‘DHA which is a type of Omega-3 Fatty acid constitutes the brain in high concentration. It is extremely important for brain performance, behavior and memory. Normal growth of the brain is possible only if Omega-3 fatty acids especially DHA is present in brain in sufficient amount. It helps in maintaining sufficient cognitive functions, probably delaying or preventing the start of dementia, development of fetus in pregnant women, hence its quantity is crucial factor in human brains. Learning, concentrating and vocabulary abilities of children are a result of Omega-3 Fatty acids.

Fish oil benefits include happy moods
In geographical regions where fishes are consumed in more quantities tend to show a lower depression rate in the population living there. Hence it is unsurprisingly concluded that fish oil benefits in reducing the mood swings of a person and also reducing the symptoms of psychosis, depression and bipolar disorders. Patients who were suffering from depression and who took Omega-3s with their anti-depressants found a faster recovery than those who took only the antidepressants. They experienced a greater stability in their moods. It also reduces the aggressive behavior of prisoners and studies have proven this. The Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the threat of postpartum depression.

Omega-3s take care of your eyes
Eyes being the most important organ of our body has to be given extra care, and studies has proven that person who take omega-3 in their diets are prone to lower chances of Dry eyes Syndrome. In general it reduces the speed of macular disintegration in those who have a problem of it, thus improving overall eye health.

An essential element for pregnancy
Omega-3 fatty acids especially DHA plays a very important role in sustaining proper pregnancy, growth of the infant’s brain and its eye development. It also prevents childhood disorders during pregnancy. DHA constitutes 15-20% component of cerebral cortex and 30-6-% of eye retina; hence it becomes a very important element for proper development and growth of the fetus. Apart from above fish oils benefits, a proper of amount of DHA during pregnancy and lactation results in reducing the chances of allergies appearing in children and showing cognitive development in the later years of the life. It reduces the chances of pre-mature birth or the child being underweight.

Enhances Fat Metabolism for better weight loss
Omega-3 is very good component, helping people who are overweight and want to lose their weight. National Institute of health declared that it works on the brain’s satiety center and sends a signal to it saying that ‘I am done’ reducing hunger, which in turn helps in losing weight. It also increases the effectiveness of exercise which you do. Fish oil combined with proper exercise resulted in excellent results in the volunteers who were trying to lose their weight and also made their body shape better.

Reduces the risk of various types of cancer
Like various heart diseases, cancer is also becoming a common problem for both men and women. Women suffer from prostate, ovarian and breast cancer and men suffers from testicular cancer. Studies have shown that Omega-3s have a cancer fighting properties so they help in reducing the risk of breast prostrate, colorectal, ovarian and testicular cancer. Consumption of Omega-3s at the primary stages of cancer helps in suppressing the growth of cancerous cells. It may also kill the cancerous cells completely.

Takes care of your skin and hair
Skin makes the largest and the most exposed part of a human body, hence it is prone to various types of infections, pain, and other adverse conditions. Same is the case with hair, the moment it is exposed to sun or dust, problems like dandruff and hair fall arise. It becomes important to take the utmost care of the skin and hair. Women are very conscious about their skin and hair; hence it is advisable for them to consume Omega-3 fatty acids in any form. It enhances the growth of hair and reduces the wrinkles in skin.

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